Nov 102012
Kinesthetic Education training based on the
Anatomy Trains® Myofascial Meridians

February 3. 2013. London, UK at
Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

Instructors: Attila Pegan, Franziska Scherner

This one day movement workshop from the Body Sculpting training curriculum (see the bodysculpting website) is an introduction to a holistic concept of human anatomy and its applied exploration in movement.

The workshop consists of 3 modules:
• Myofascial and fascial anatomy lecture/presentation
• BodyReadING postural analysis
• Applied exploration in movement from our kinesthetic education library

Learning outcome of the course is to enable participants to use the body in a more effcient and expanding way by utilizing the myofascia network of connective tissue, resulting in higher body awareness and control with ease. Dancers and movement therapists will gain invaluable knowledge about their bodies and its functionality which can easily be incorporated to existing practices.

Competencies and skills:
• Comprehend fascial anatomy and its role in human movement
• Understand myofascial layers and their connected nature
• Be able to see postural patterns and name them
• Recognize your postural restrictions
• Apply knowledge in movement appropriate to your body
• Open your body to new explorations

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