Structural Integration


KMI Structural Integration in Minnesota with Attila Pegan


Structural Integration(SI) is a multi-session bodywork modality and a process to establish vertical alignment and horizontal balance in the human body.
It addresses balance and well-being of the individual through the physical structure of the body. SI is a modality of spatial medicine which considered as an effective, viable and sustainable form of health care of the 21st century.

SI focuses on the whole person, accounting all 3 wholistic physical networks of the body, the nervous system, the circulatory system and the connective tissue matrix, and emphasizes the energetic state of the individual.

In the scope of SI is the connective tissue matrix or Fascia that forms the support and information framework for the rest of the body’s cells, organs and systems. It forms muscles, bones, joints, veins, tubes and almost every structures of the body and therefore called the organ of posture.

The Kinesis Myofascia Integration(KMI) brand of SI is build on the innovation of Thomas W. Myers who has further developed the teachings and the recipe of Ida P. Rolf into a 12 sessions protocol to address the balance and the function of the body through the tensegrity model of Anatomy Trains with hands-on manipulation and movement education.

SI is structure oriented, not symptom oriented.

“…Now that is a good idea, and it’s an idea that no one else I’m sure has ever used. We have to repeat it and repeat it until more and more people get the understanding that RolfingĀ®1 has to do with with gravity. Not chemistry, not medicine, not the idea of individually fixing this and that gone wrong. Gravity is the one and only tool that we use. I think my experience justifies making this very broad assumption: gravity is the only tool that deals with chronic situations in the body ….”2 – Ida P. Rolf

SI delivers great success with chronic conditions and pain patterns, and also known it’s life changing effect.

Interested candidates for SI work required to schedule a free consultation, via phone or in person prior to the 1st session.

Practitioner: Attila Pegan


1 Dr. Rolf called her system Structural Integration, a name which is descriptive of the process; Rolfing was a nickname, first coined at Esalen, that has now become the official service mark.
2 Ida Rolf Talks About Rolfing and Physical Reality, Harper and Row, 1978