Thai massage

Thai massage is often called Thai Yoga Massage or lazy men’s yoga. It is a traditional bodywork modality from Thailand, with roots in the ancient Indian yoga tradition, Chinese medicine and original Thai healing practices.

The primary benefit of this massage form is balancing and calming receiver’s body and mind.
The positive side effects (as I call them) are: lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and anxiety, boosts immunity, reduces pain, relaxes muscle tension, increases blood and lymph circulation, promotes deeper breathing and oxygenation and increases flexibility and range of motion.

Thai massage is done fully clothed on a floor mat. The practitioner leads you through a mindfully chosen sequence of movement and manual therapy techniques that together we call exercises.

1 hour is good.
90 minutes is better
2 hours is best.

Despite the growing popularity of  Thai massage in the western world it is relatively unknown that Thai massage is an integral part of the Traditional Thai Medicine that also consists herbalism, dietary therapy, exercise routines and spiritual practices.

Therefore the full benefits of Thai massage can only be reached with a holistic approach to life. This is one of the reason that Thai massage is never meant to be a single therapy or a cure for conditions, as our fast paced and reductionist culture would suggests. It has been a preventive practice to keep people healthy and able to work.

Thai massage is the most effective when you receive it on a regular base.

Practitioner: Attila Pegan